Halloween 2015

FYI folks- October 23, 2015 additional notes

A few last minute reminders:

  1. Mess Kits –  Please no disposable dinnerware, plates, etc.  Bob will set up a washing station in the main kitchen.
  2. Lunch – Don’t forget everyone needs first day lunch.  Suggest non-perishable meal unless you have an ice chest.
  3. Hydrate – Make sure your students have water and are drinking it.  Heat emergencies can occur quickly if students and adults are not hydrating properly. The caveat is drink before you are thirsty.
  4. Camp Meals – Each school is responsible for their own meals while at camp.  While there is a stove I would suggest bringing your own camp stove to prepare your meal.
  5. Snack – Nylen will provide a snack during the movie.  Hot dogs, popcorn and juice.
  6. First Aid – Primarily Mark Lee but all advisors should have a kit for their school. If any students have severe allergies etc. please let Mark no as soon as you can.  Remind students to bring their meds such as EPI pens and inhalers.
  7. Emergency – If we have a medical emergency or need to evacuate camp Jamie has the gate combo for our group. 
  8. FiresABSOLUTELY no open fires or other flames.  Be careful of camp stoves and gas lanterns near dry grass and remember that a hot engine exhaust pipe or catalytic converter can ignite a brush fire if a vehicle is parked in very high dry grass.
  9. Showers – Showers are gang style open bay.  Plan on showering in beachwear.  Fred may be bringing our HSHs portable shower but if not we will work out a rotation.
  10. Rules – All school rules apply. Remind students that any advisor or adult kokua at camp can correct any unsafe condition or actions at any time.  Advisors and kokua are also available to assist or answer questions.


From the minutes

1. Dates are October 24-25 at Palehua in Makakilo.

2. See attached flier for schedule and what to bring. Everyone must meet outside the main gate at 9:00.

3. Per Jamie, the main service project will be digging holes for iliahi planting and mulching the holes.

a. Tools needed:

Shovels – Mark will bring three.

Trowels – Bob will bring 10, Mark will bring 3

Auger – Fred will bring one with gas/oil mix. Suzan Harada will have the other

Digger – Allen

Generator – Marc Morinaga

b. Everybody needs to bring their own gloves, non-perishable lunch and water bottle.

c. John and Jamie will bring earplugs.

d. Bob will bring plastic bags for hauling the wood chips. If each school can bring two 5-gallon, clean buckets for hauling the mulch.

e. Nylen will bring jugs for drinking water.

f. Suzan will provide woodchips so HSH does not need to bring.

4. Each school will be responsible for cooking their own food and bringing their own stove and all cooking utensil (pots and pans). Cooking must be done outside the house.

5. Sleeping arrangements – There is enough room for everyone to sleep inside. Bring tents if they want to sleep outside.

6. Movie snacks will be provided by HSH.

7. Tentative student head count: Moanalua – 15-20, Kapolei – 10, Pearl City – 15, Leilehua – 12-14.

8. Bob will set up dish cleaning station.

9. Mark will do security.

10. Bathroom facilities – Each school must bring their own toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Will also rotate between schools

for policing the bathrooms to make sure they are clean.

11. Evaluation – Jamie will put this together.

12. Palehua waiver form – John made enough copies for all advisers and camp participants. Each camper (adult and student) must complete one. BE SURE ALL STUDENTS GET PARENTAL SIGNATURE AND TURN IN TO JAMIE AT THE GATE ON SATURDAY.


See you folks Saturday!



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