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Spring 1999 Newsletter

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Our sister group, HSTP, an activty section of the Sierra Club, Hawai’i Chapter has scheduled service projects. These trips are open to anyone 16 and above, in good health and willing to work in the great outdoors!

Cost: $50.00 - students; $100.00 - adults

Tentative Schedule:
Spring Break 1999 - WAIKAMOI RIDGE, MAUI
Winter Break 1999 - KALAUPAPA, MOLOKA’I
(See main story.)
If interested or want more information, please contact Sherine Boomla - 739-3936
or check out our web site at


For more information and to sign-up contact Chuck “Doc” Burrows of Kamehameha.

Work times are 8:30am-2:30pm.

NA POHAKU O HAUWAHINE 1/16/99, 3/13/99, 5/15/99, 6/12/99, 8/14/99

HOLOMAKANI HEIAU 2/20/99, 4/10/99, 7/10/99

Haunted Hikers

About 200 students and advisors converged on Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden Saturday, October 24, 1998. Our annual High School Hikers Halloween Hike and Camp was underway. What started as a fun activity for Leilehua High School has grown to include all members of High School Hikers. The purpose - to bring together students from various schools for a casual fun-filled evening.

After setting up camp and having dinner, we started with “scary story telling” to set the mood of the evening. There was some awesome “chicken skin” tales from all over. Then came the Pumpkin Carving Contest which were very creative and unique (and smoking!) Costumes were so unreal! Those of you who missed out, Fred’s cowboy costume would’ve had you laughing all night. It was a tough decision for our volunteer judges in every category. “The Haunted Hike” was the highlight of this wet evening.

Mahalos! to Castle High School for coordinating this activity, Mark Lee for the big tarp, Farrington for “the hike,” everyone who helped coordinate all the events, and all the advisors who worked so hard to make it all happen!


back row L-R: Jamie Tanino, David White, Ian Robertson, Dean Alexander, Natalie Borrello,
Adaline Kam, Waimea Williams and Nicole Both.
front row L-R: John Cummings, Michael Ahulau, Debbie Naclerio, Kanani Reid, Sherine
Boomla, Nina Yuen and Jeremy Taguchi

By Jamie Tanino and David White

On a Sunday morning, David White (of Leilehua) headed out to pick up Natalie Borrello. At the Aloha Island Air Terminal, we met Jamie Tanino (Castle grad.) and Waimea Williams, members of our Hawai’i Service Trip Program (H.S.T.P.) Kalaupapa crew. This Kalaupapa Service Trip was held January 3rd to the 10th, 1999. Later arrived Kanani Reid, Debbie Naclerio, Sherine Boomla, Nicole Both, Lori Taketa, and our trip leader, John Cummings III. Joining us from Hilo High School was Nina Yuen. We arrived at "top side" Ho’olehua Airport, Moloka’i then huddled into a van. We drove to the famous Kalaupapa mule trail where we met Jeff Trainer, Kalaupapa National Park Plant Specialist. After hiking down 26 switch backs, we arrived at the Kalaupapa Settlement. At the quonset hut dormitory, we met Jeremy Taguchi, a National Park volunteer from Vancouver, British Columbia. After taking inventory of our supplies, we stopped by the airport to pick up Michael Ahulau and Ian Robertson who took the easy way down.

Day 2, we woke up at 6 a.m. and helped prepare our breakfast of spam and eggs. By 8 a.m. we headed to Kauhako Crater where we separated into two work groups. With chain saws in hand, Jeremy and Jeff led the way into Kauhako Crater cutting large branches. While everyone else followed their leader with loppers, machetes and Swedish brush axes, we cleared back the overgrowth. By lunch time, we completed our work projects ahead of schedule. After lunch, we cleared around the crater rim and then we all headed “home” to the quonset hut. Before dinner we went swimming, picture taking, and playing cards. Our dinner guests were Uncle Naia, and Zorro, his dog and constant companion whose company we enjoyed very much. Uncle Naia shared with us many stories of his life at Kalaupapa and living with Hansen’s Disease. He also enjoyed challenging Natalie to many games of checkers and winning many of them. Poor girl!

On Day 3, we rock hopped the coastline to Waikolu Valley. There, we picked cockle burr seeds and seedlings by collecting them in a plastic bag and dumping them into the ocean to eradicate them. We spotted goats gallivanting high up on the steep slopes of the valley wall. John went off to spear prawns in the nearby stream and somewhere along the way, he lost the car keys. Everyone gathered to search the stream for them, only to find a Powerbar wrapper, which had also escaped John’s pocket. After awhile of searching, John came to realize that he might have left them in the van! We continued to pick seedlings at the tail end of the amphitheater valley, Waikolu. When we were done, we headed back skipping rocks along the coastline. And there, sitting in the ignition of the van, was the keys! After a
fit of giggles, we went on our merry way back home to do what ever 'till dinner.

Our "day-off" was spent with Dean Alexander, Kalaupapa National Park Superintendent. Dean drove us to a heiau at Kalawao and showed us the “Rock Doctor” petroglyph, one of two known petroglyphs on the peninsula. The other is the “Stone Nurse.” We explored a lava tube called Old Woman's Cave and the climax of the tour was a visit to the largest lighthouse in the Pacific. We climbed 198 steps to reach a breathtaking view of the entire peninsula.

Day 5, we returned to Kauhako Crater. The first group cleared 1/3 of the crater rim fence line. While the other group went down into the crater to clear morning glory vines and cut down non-native trees. A herbicide was used in l spray pumps to kill the rapidly growing sisal plants. We then gathered wiliwili seeds from the mother tree and planted over 400 of them through out the forest floor.

Day 6, we headed to the beach to tackle a large bush/tree called a Beach Heliotrope. In between truck loads, we frolicked in the water, picked seashells and observed a monk seal sunbathing near the shore. After work, a majority of the group headed back to the quonset hut while Kalawaia (a National Parks carpenter), John, David and Jamie stayed back to spend time on the beach. Some of us watched Kalawaia's Fish Cleaning 101 class, with his star student, Nina.

Day 7 was wet and rainy. We crammed into the van and drove to an open field in search of the elusive Bull Thistle, a very prickly weed. We located about two dozen on 4 acres of land which was a good sign. We headed out to another field near the slaughterhouse to continue our search and destroy mission. After completing our task in about two hours, we had the rest of the day to relax. Jamie, David, Natalie, and Nina went site seeing, took pictures and went to the beach in search of more shells. After awhile, John drove up in the van with Kalawaia, Kanani, Adaline (another HSH/HSTPer), Michael, and Ian to search for Kamani seeds in the Kalawao Forest. That night, after dinner and more card games, Jamie, David, Natalie, Nina, Michael and Ian went to play pool at the pool hall. After a few games, John drove up with some of the others and we joined them to go deer "hunting". Actually, spotting deer with the headlights and
scaring them half-to-death. We also went star gazing near the lighthouse and on the middle of the old runway by lying down next to each other, side by side, in a line.

The final morning was spent cleaning the quonset hut after attending a church service. When all the luggage was packed, we headed to the airport and said our sad good-bye's to the new friends we made. After arriving back in the cement jungle of Honolulu, we knew we'd miss the pristine and serene beauty of Kalaupapa. And most importantly, the friends and the residents we met there.

Kalaupapa coastline

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