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What to do after High School? High School Hikers and HSTP welcome all graduates to come and continue the fun!!! See your advisors or contact us.


Our sister group, HSTP, an activty section of the Sierra Club, Hawai’i Chapter has scheduled service projects. These trips are open to anyone 16 and above, in good health and willing to work in the great outdoors!

Cost: $50.00 - students; $100.00 - adults

Tentative Schedule:

Summer 1999

  • WEST MAUI MTNS, MAUI (may have 2 trips)

Fall 1999


Winter Break 1999


If interested or want more information, please contact Sherine Boomla - 739-3936 or check out our web site at


For more information and to sign-up contact Chuck “Doc” Burrows of Kamehameha.

Work times are 8:30am-2:30pm.

NA POHAKU O HAUWAHINE 5/15/99, 6/12/99, 8/14/99


MOANA KA NOEAU by John Cummings

This past Presidents Day weekend, February 13-15, 1999, found 130 High School Hikers and advisors gathered on Oahu's North Shore. Beautiful camp Mokuleia was our home for three days of fun learning at this years Sierra Club High School Hikers Ecology Camp. In attendance were participants from Campbell, Castle, Farrington, Leilehua, Kamehameha (Hui Lama), Konawaena, Moanalua, and Roosevelt.

The theme entitled “Moana Ka No'eau” - Broad is the Knowledge of the Sea, focused on the importance and uniqueness of Hawai'i’s rich ocean heritage, ecology and bio-diversity. Learning activities included craft programs such as traditional Hawaiian fish hook making with Kalawaia Goo and Wayne Nagamine, Opihi Shell necklaces by Mike NaHo’opi’i or Limu Pressing Art by Kerrianne Paracuelles. There was hands on Fishing and Fish Cooking with Erron Yoshioka, Limu (seaweed) by Nathan Nishimura and a Coastal Plant and discovery hike led by Dr. Steven Montgomery and Dr. Charles Burrows.

Special evening programs were presented by Sierra Club’s Coastal Programs Manager, Richard Joseph LaFond Jr. And by Kamehameha Schools Hui Lama who teamed up with Pi'ikea Miller of the Polynesian Voyaging Society to lead us through a fantastic presentation on the Hokulea's next voyage to Rapa Nui (Easter Island).

Of course, the highlight of Ecology Camp was two very special service projects. One was a trail maintenance and planting foray to Kealia Trail led by Aaron Lowe of the Department of Land and Natural Resources/Na Ala Hele program. And the other was a beach clean up and boulder relocation on the Mokuleia side of the Kaena Point Natural Area Reserve with Reuben Mateo of DLNR. A hot, hard, fun and fulfilling work day was had by all.

Of course, these three days ended way too quickly, and soon Camp Mokuleia was once again quiet and empty. The Sierra Club High School Hikers would like to send a very special “Mahalo” to our friends on the Sierra Club Executive Committee for their financial assistance; Greg, Paul and the crew at Patagonia Haleiwa for providing our excellent camp t-shirts; Richard Joseph LaFond Jr. and Pi'ikea Miller; Aaron Lowe, Reuben Mateo and the staff from DLNR, the Hawai'i Service Trip Program; Ken Zitts and Camp Mokuleia; and of course, our students, advisors and hike leaders. Without you this camp would not be possible. See you next year at Ecology Camp 2000 on the Big Island!


That’s right folks! Its that time for our neighbor island Ecology Camp during Spring Break 2000! Mark your calendars for March 26 to March 31, 2000. The committee is gearing up with “da plan” and welcome all interested parties to come to the meetings and make this happen!

A required deposit of $50.00 per student is due by Saturday, September 25, 1999 to lock in your reservation. Estimated cost $300.00 per person to include airfare, transportation, gas, lodging and food for 6 days and 5 nights. Start fund raising!

Reservations have been made at Camp Keakealani in Volcano Village and other sites are being explored. Also vehicles have been reserved. Thank you, Kerrianne! Plan on visiting the Volcano area, doing a service project or two and learn first hand from local scientists and naturalists. And, have an adventure very few students will ever experience!

First planning meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 22, 1999 6:00pm at Moanalua High School. Or contact chairperson Erron Yoshioka for details. See you there!


Thirteen students and three school advisors participated in a variety of service projects on the island of Maui. This Hawaii Service Trip Program (H.S.T.P.) sponsored trip was held during Spring Break from March 21st to March 27th. The high school students were Abbie Llanes from Campbell; Robert Kauila of Farrington; Susan Wong, David White, Melanie Kim, Craig Koyanagi, Jaret Shishido, Davie Gabayan, Kenneth Henson, April Bookout, Jenni Bull from Leilehua and Brandy Nagamine of Roosevelt. Leading this trip were our hard working advisors Bob Keane, Gayla Nishimura, Natalie Borello and Jamie Tanino.

From Sunday to Thursday the group stayed at the beautiful Keanae Congregational Church. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday was spent spreading gravel and doing various trail work on the Waikamoi Ridge Trail for the Department of Land & Natural Resources (DLNR). After work on Tuesday, everyone headed to “heavenly Hana” and a little dip at ‘Ohe’o Pools (7 Sacred Pools). They also paid a visit to Maui’s Hawaii Nature Center and looked over the work done during last years service trip. Thursday to Saturday the group stayed at Kula’s St. John’s Church.

While at both churches everyone did yard work and cleaned which was greatly appreciated by the church members! Friday was “the adventure” into Haleakala Crater which lasted to sunset. All in all, everyone had a fun and memorable trip.

Maui DLNR and both churches appreciated the hard work and enthusiastically encouraged future service projects. Congratulations to Bob Keane and the crew for a “job well done!”


* Jenni Bull

We are off to Keanae, Maui to make a better trail along the Hana road, the Waikamoi Ridge trail, laying gravel to make the trail better to walk on for the tourists’ families who will probably be wearing slippers. Flying to Maui on Hawaiian Airlines flight 59 was quite a bumpy ride. We landed and checked in at the Congregational church where we stayed. It was really convenient. The ocean near by and crashing waves on the shore put me to sleep really fast.

Monday morning came and we had to work, work, work! I must say it was the best part of the trip, laying gravel on the trail, running up and down filling bucket after bucket. Driving on the road always made me sick. We worked for an hour a day for 2 days with 6 tons of gravel. We also went swimming one day, I think it was Wednesday, in a swimming hole that was freezing cold, but it was fun. From what I can remember, the last day before we went home, we went to Haleakala, the 12 mile hike took us the whole day, but it was worth it. It was my first time hiking through Haleakala, it was really great seeing the native plants and animals especially the Nene goose. Okay now down to the conclusions for the trip. I must say it was really fun and went by quite fast, as they say, “when you’re having fun time tends to fly by.” Well, now I look forward to service trips in the future.


*Jaret Shishido

The spring break trip to Maui was a fun and exciting experience for me. Everything that we did was great, especially the work. Yea it was the best. (joke) Nah, the work that was given to us was an easy task cause all we had to do was lay gravel on a path which wasn't even that long. Other than the work the activities were great! From the string name game to the skits that we had to act out in groups. On our spare time we played hackysack, drew pictures, wrote in journals, swam in streams, and harassed horses.

The hike into Haleakala was a great experience for me. From the chilly air to the breath taking views everything was solid! But twelve miles long was a bit too much for my chicken legs to handle. Other than the views we saw a lot of wild animals such as the Nene goose and the loud irritating chukkers.

Overall the whole trip was fantastic! The people I stayed with wasn’t too bad. It kinda felt like we were like one big family. But yea I really enjoyed this trip and I wouldn't mind doing it again.


* Kenneth Henson

The last night of the Maui trip with the Hiking Club, Mr. Keane had told us to get into groups of 4 or less and come up with a skit to perform on the stage. Myself, Davie, and David got together and formed a group. The first group to perform was, April, Susan, Melanie, and Jenni. They did a great reenactment of our ride on the road to Hana it was pretty funny, especially when they started imitating Davie. Our group was next. Davie started out saying a poem and on key words we would do certain movements. So when he said blindness, cover our eyes, the deafness, cover our ears, and we did a few more of those movements. Then we had a beep to signal the changing of the channel. We also had Craig and Jarret start shouting , “Jerry! Jerry!”

David and I would sit down while Davie was “Jerry”. He started out by announcing the show and asked me “what happened?”, I said, in my Cartman voice, “that David was in my barn __ with my chickens.” Then he said I couldn’t help it they were so pretty. So me and him got into a fake fight, with the crowd going, “Jerry! Jerry!” again.

Then Davie went into the final thought when I interrupted him and told the crowd that there was only 2 thin layers of cotton separating them from me, then David came up to me and said, “Well my friend, I’m not wearing any underwear.” Then we both hugged and Davie said, “I can’t take it,” went up to Susan and said, “Susie will you marry me!” The group went wild laughing. But we got jiped. We ended up getting third place.


* April Bookout

The Maui trip was pretty cool. I loved going through Haleakala the best. It kinda reminded me of a space movie. It was really beautiful. Seeing all the waterfalls was another great part of the trip. I know its strange to say, but I enjoyed doing the work too. After everything was finished, things looked so much better. It was also nice hearing people who were pacing telling us what a nice job we were doing and how it was nice of us to come over there to do the work.

Besides doing work and going site seeing, I had a lot of fun in groups. The talent show was funny. Everyone seemed to break out of their shy shells for a little while. The first place group, which was mine, did memories on the road. Everyone in the group imitated an advisor. It turned out pretty cute! Jokes were played also. I got the lovely surprise of a lizard in my bag, which jumped on me making me scream. Mr. Keane wasn’t too happy about that. It was still funny though. We even built friendships. I got the chance to get to know my teachers and fellow students better, along with making friends from other schools. Overall it was a great experience and I would do it again in a heart beat.

High School Hiker Schedule 1999-2000

First Meeting - Tuesday, August 24, 7pm Doc’s Room

FALL HIKERS WORKSHOP - Saturday, September 25

HALLOWEEN HIKE - Saturday, October 24 2000

BIG ISLAND ECOLOGY CAMP - Sunday, March 26 to Friday, March 31


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